Yes, Real Women Lose Weight: Drop Pounds Forever With the B.A.S.I.C.S.


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Linda J. Hawkins grew up eating traditional southern-style food: crackling cornbread, pork-seasoned greens and lard-fried meats topped off with sweet tea and dessert. Although tasty, this style of cooking caused family members to be overweight, undernourished and in bad health. The matriarchs were especially affected as their poor eating habits were compounded by an inactive lifestyle. Upon gaining the infamous “freshmen fifteen” pounds at Eastern Michigan University, Linda decided to break the cycle. She researched new foods and preparation alternatives while incorporating healthy components of Southern cooking like using home-grown vegetables, farm-raised meats and freshly-caught fish. The exposure to various cultures and foods advanced her culinary palate. She became known as the residence chef as she prepared healthy and delicious meals for her college friends and apartment mates. Upon receiving her master’s degree, she taught couples, single mothers, and foster parents how to plan, buy and prepare healthy, appetizing, yet inexpensive meals. Linda obtained her certification in Lifestyle and Weight Management Coaching through NESTA to help women reach their optimal weight. She created a weight loss plan designed for the woman who is discouraged and frustrated by her lack of long term success. Is your weight keeping you from living the life you always dreamed? Do these statements sound familiar?

  • If I lose weight, I can find a man
  • I’m too big to wear the latest fashions
  • You won’t catch me in a swimming suit
  • My doctor said I must lose weight or suffer the consequences

Yes, Real Women Lose Weight guides you with commonsense ways to long-term weight loss without surgery or dieting. Learn Linda’s proven techniques to release those unwanted pounds forever. Her six simple steps to success—referred to as the B.A.S.I.C.S. Plan—will end your weight loss struggles. In this book, you will learn:

  • If you are an addictive eater
  • Successful weight loss tips
  • Healthy options to your favorite foods
  • How to eat to live instead of living to eat



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