Through simple observation it is apparent that women’s bodies are changing from that 34-24-34 hour glass figure of the 1950’s  to something of great contrast and less evenly  proportioned from what society is accustomed to. Most health organizations are trying to understand and explain why and how America’s Women have changed so much. Today women weigh an average of 168 lbs which is what men weighed in the 1960’s. According to the CDC they are 16 pounds heavier than they were approximately 2-3 decades ago. Lastly, The Journal of American Medicine states, “more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese”. But crust of it all is that  the fat is settling right in the middle, creating a large belly or a muffin top.

The question that arises in my mind is, what can women do to release that unwanted belly fat? We have been taught for years the more body crunches you perform the leaner the stomach. But exercisologist now know that that is not the case.  You see there is a misnomer that great abs are created on exercise balls, gym equipment or even on  the floor of your own home.

The reality is it has to begin in the kitchen. Fat in the belly is a direct result of the foods you eat and drink. In fact I recommend doing a diet overhaul. Begin by assessing what you eat, when you eat and how much then make some fundamental changes. For example, if you determine you are eating red meat at every meal, introduce fish and chicken a few days a week as a way to decrease calorie and fat intake . Or if you drink sodas daily, decrease your consumption by replacing them with low sugary drinks and/or water. Finally, reflect on how often you serve green leafy vegetables each week double it. Do this until you are eating green leafy vegetables with every daily meal.

With these moderate changes you should begin to see an improvement. To see a major improvement you must make a major commitment and as I indicated in an earlier paragraph, make a major diet overhaul and that unwanted belly fat will be a thing of the past.

Linda J. Hawkins, Savvy Health Coaching, LLC

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