If you followed Dr. Wendy Hoffman’s blogs and Facebook page, you knew that she wrote a lot about nutrition and cholesterol in particular. That’s because women need to be vigilant about consuming foods that help to prevent heart disease, the # 1 killer of women. In fact, women are more likely to die of heart disease as adults than we are to die from the next six leading causes of death, writes Dr. Martha Gulati, in her book, Saving Women’s Hearts; 

“Given the statistics, all of us must think about our hearts, take care of our hearts, watch our hearts and know our hearts. All women need to be proactive about knowing their risks for heart disease and working to reduce those risks.”

Taking Dr. Gulati’s advise “to heart,” when I read about a website, Track Your Plaque, I thought this could be an easy and motivating way for women to take their cardiovascular health more seriously. It enables you to monitor your cholesterol levels and get professional feedback in between annual check-ups with your own physician. You pay for a quarterly membership or  for a yearly membership. Members submit their scores from a variety of heart health tests (CT scans, cholesterol levels, lipoproteins) and a panel of doctors, nutritionists and exercise specialists provide feedback and advice in the form of an individualized plaque-control program.


Conclusion by Linda J. Hawkins

Unfortunately women still did not become more proactive with their health.

As this is Women’s Heart Disease month this is a reminder that we must be more vigilant in taking care of our heart.  By making changes in your food intake and creating an exercise plan you can decrease those risk factors that promote heart disease.

Take care of you heart, you are worth it.

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