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Medicine Ball Pass with Partner

Back to back begin by making a complete twist towards your right and your partners’ left and pass the medicine ball with two hands. Make a complete twist almost facing each other. Once the ball has been passed, turn and twist the other way to now receive the ball from your partner. The movements are fast and smooth. Do a full twist. Both left and right counts as one. More information order Yes, Real Women Lose Weight: Drop Pounds Forever with the B.A.S.I.C.S.

 Savvy Health Tip of the Month:

It is finally Spring and many are beginning to plan that wonderful garden that will provide you with fresh produce. Planting a garden is the best way to guarantee fresh healthy fruits and vegetables and it is so fulfilling. There is no greater feeling then eating the fruits of your own labor. And if you are like me playing in the dirt is so therapeutic. So get out there and plant your garden today.

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13 Responses to Weight Loss Information

  1. So happy to welcome my first client this year. Ms. Christin Brown. Together we will do well.

  2. Christin Brown says:

    I’m so excited be apart of this.. Looking forward to my transformation ..

  3. Tracy Arnold says:

    Glad to be a part of the community. …. 🙂

  4. Linda J. Hawkins says:

    Welcome Tracy. Glad to have you back.Excited about where this journey will take us.
    See you next week.

  5. Tracy Arnold says:

    Here is that youtube video:
    Sugar: The bitter truth short version

  6. Tracy Arnold says:

    Glad to be back…I’m exciting as well…. 🙂

  7. Thank you Tracy. That video is an eye opener. Remember this is purging week.

  8. Linda J. Hawkins says:

    I want to welcome Crystal Lynch to the community.
    Crystal is back on the journey-we all know that this is a lifestyle change.

  9. Janice says:

    I want to start the program soon. Anyone haven’t started yet? I would love to have a partner.

  10. Tracy Arnold says:

    Jhi Janice….we are all here to partner with each other and support each other….I know I could use it…..this week was purging out bad foods…I have two bags of garbage to take out…lol….let’s definitely chat!!!!

  11. Oh Tracy I am so proud of you. You are doing the right thing by removing the temptation from your home. You will thank me later. LOL

  12. Janice says:

    Hi Tracy,
    I know you feel better with your purge. I remember doing that some years ago that was a first big step of my change.:) Let me know when you want to start the new book program. Thanks

  13. This is such great discussion. The key to purging is replacing it with healthy foods. Bad food out- good food in.

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