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Welcome to the testimonies page. This page allows women like yourself, from all walks of life, the opportunity and platform to share your amazing story. These testimonies are being told as a result of positive outcomes in Savvy Health Coaching client’s lives. Whether it is success with your weight loss journey,  lifestyle change,  relief from menopause symptoms, it doesn’t matter we want to know how this movement has impacted you. Who knows, through your words you may encourage or empower someone else.

Savvy Health Coaching Weight Management testimonies:

I have worked with trainers and read many books on health and nutrition in the past. Linda and the Savvy Health Coaching model was the program that was designed specifically to meet my  needs. If you want a program that fits your body type, nutritional needs and is still flexible enough to work with a busy schedule-this is the place. Through encouragement and accountability, I was able to lose over 8 inches and drop a pant size to meet my goals.

Jackie 2017

“ The SHC weight management program started me on my journey of not just healthy eating but also healthy living.

Provided one on one coaching and came to my house and helped me throw out foods that were not healthy.”

Beth K.

As a busy professional who struggles to incorporate healthy choices into my hectic schedule, Linda Hawkins of Savvy Health Coaching is just the person I needed!  Unlike many wellness coaches who “package” programs and expect clients to go it alone, Linda was actively engaged in my health “transformation.”  Not only did she provide me with her book and other resource materials, Linda made “house calls!”  She came to my home to conduct pre- and post-assessments, she delivered groceries and taught me how to prepare three healthy recipes in my kitchen, and she assessed my pantry and then took me on a field trip to the grocery store.  While many coaches measure success by pounds lost, Linda also celebrates when we lose inches, increase our stamina and are able to exercise longer.  Her holistic approach to health is what allowed me to feel better about my health…and look better in my clothes!  I highly recommend her services.

K. M.R. Townsend, Ph.D. 2016, President, KTownsend Consulting

This Healthy Transformation has been the most mentally healthy, spiritually healthy, physically healthy program-journey that I’ve ever been involved with and I have tried many many more. I have enjoyed this journey and I hate that this program is coming to an end but thankfully I now have the tools to continue this journey. With Savvy Health Coaching I have lost over 12 pounds.

Lynda H. 2017


Yes, Real Women Do Sweat: Straight talk about menopause testimonies:

“Yes, Real Women Do Sweat is a short but powerful book! I am 49 years young and I have done my share of research over the years in regards to the subject of menopause. As I journeyed through my 40’s and listened to the women around me as they began experiencing symptoms of Perimenopause I could not understand why many of them minimized the symptoms to merely hot flashes. From what I was reading and experiencing I knew it was more to it than hot flashes, primarily because I was experiencing something totally different.

When I heard about the book I was so excited and couldn’t wait to read it. I read facts that confirmed my research and then came the personal stories from other women. Wow! I could relate on so many levels. Things were starting to make sense. I truly was not losing my mind. It was comforting to hear that I was not the only one having these disturbing life experiences. I thought it was brilliant for the author to use real life scenarios to illustrate our/her stories.”

Teresa S.

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“Yes, Real Women Do Sweat book helped me realize that menopause is not the end of life it is really a new beginning. Knowing that we can age gracefully and be in better health than when we were young is good news to the reader. It also made me grateful to hear in another way that if you take care of your temple when you are young, it will take care of you when you are old. The author is able to write a book that is relevant for today and tomorrow and good for the younger and more mature women, no matter what your ethnic, social or economic status is.  It is a good read, common sense too.”

Daria S.

Get the book here!

“I am glad to know I’m not the only one. It’s like the author was inside of me writing this book.”

T. Tweedie

“I am enjoying it and having a laugh, cause it is so much of me too.”

Rhonda L.   Bermuda

“This book helped me ease and eliminated many of my dreaded symptoms that come with out of balanced hormones. The book also helped me to understand changes my body was going through during menopause.”

Veronica W

Yes, Real Women Do Sweat Conference Testimonies:

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“I was not going to attend the conference because I know about menopause and how  to stay healthy and I already had the book. But the night before my inner self urged me to go. I could hardly sleep the night before.

As time went on in the workshop I knew I had made the right choice.

The most valuable takeaways came about as I listened to the presenters, sat with other encouraged women and then met some very successful women after the conference. This experience encouraged me to complete my workbook that I had been working on and continue in my ministry.”

Karen O.

“Thought I was on my way to the loony bin until I attended the Yes Real Women Do Sweat conference. It was life changing. I had so many questions that people were not willing to talk about.”

Beth K

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8 Responses to Testimonies

  1. Diane Nash says:

    I love you Linda Hawkins you Rock! This book literally saved me from losing my mind. I have also purchased it for other women it explains so many things we as fully grown women need to know and we don’t. Each persons experience is different and I am now embracing my journey I keep a journal on it. I am so thankful you have branched out into the sister circle listening to others and offer hints & tips & receiving them ‘priceless’ thank you so much!

  2. Dana Kirksey Calhoun says:

    I attended the Savvy Sister Circle for the first time last Saturday, October 12, 2013. The wealth of information provided was priceless. It was so nice to hear ladies honestly share their experiences/stories on pre-menapause…. Also, the “power-punch” was that Dr. Ronda Smith was who provided information on hormones etc. Looking forward to next month!
    Until then….Make It Great!!

  3. Marlita L. says:

    SHC Weight Management is a great program and it has given me the jump start that I needed to get healthy for life. I have learned to have more self control and discipline. I look forward to a better me as well as a healthier life. Thank you Mrs. Linda Hawkins for all that you do, you are definitely heaven sent.

    • Linda J. Hawkins says:

      Marlita because you understand that this is a lifestyle change and not a diet you are doing well. I am also looking forward to seeing that new you.

  4. Thank you, Linda, for helping me see the light! For the last three years, I allowed life’s challenges to drive me to food for comfort. After several medical bouts, tons of tests and a smidgen of fear, I accepted full responsibility for my health. Because of your coaching on healthy eating and persistence that I drink water and exercise, I have released almost seven pounds in four weeks! Since I have no intention on finding those pounds again, I claim they are released forever (versus lost). I resisted the change at first, but with these types of results, I am believer! Val, The Goody Box Lady http://www.TheGoodyBoxBook.com

    • Linda J. Hawkins says:

      It has really been a pleasure coaching you. Yes change is hard but as you can see it has been worth it. Those pounds are gone for ever.

  5. Davida Prater says:

    Linda coaching me, really helped me to know that what I was going through was normal. She gave helpful tools and ideas to help manage my symptoms. She helped me to invest in me!

    • Linda J. Hawkins says:

      It was a pleasure working with you. Glad you understand that you are making a biological change that is normal. Hope your menopausal journey is better than it was before we met.

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