Savvy Sister Coaching

Once a month a team of expert professionals will join me and be showcased as they address health issues that are trending today. These women come from diverse backgrounds and are representative of many different professions such as; Physician, Authors, Engineer, Nurse Practitioners, Business consultant, Certified fitness trainer, Cosmetologist and much more. We will cover topics such as: hair loss, bio-identical hormones, belly busting exercises, healthy eating and any other subject women are interested in.

The information will be presented to you in a blog format. If you are interested in discussing the topic or if you have a question just go to the Sister Circle page and chat about it. We will read your postings and provide comments and answers. This will also allow other women to offer input on the subject therefore creating a chatting community.


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Linda Hawkins (View Bio)

Coaching from Linda:

10 Ways To Get Fit During Menopause

Enjoying Life Again

8 Characteristics of Depression



Lena Arnold (View Bio)

Coaching from Lena

Take Charge of Your Pain



Diane and ClaireDiane Nash (View Bio)

Coaching from Diane

Clair Thompson (View Bio)

Coaching from CT

Starting Your Day Off Healthy By CT and Diane

The Secret of the Little Black Dress


Melanie JatsekMelanie Jatsek (View Bio)

Coaching from Melanie

Signs That You’re Working Out Too Hard





Lynette E_pic_SSCblog1_14

Lynnette Easterling (View Bio)

Coaching from Lynette

Changing The Way You Care For Your Hair by Lynette

Protective Styling Begins With You





Dr. Rhonda Smith (View Bio)

Coaching from Rhonda

The Truth About Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)





Dr. Karen Townsend (View Bio)

Coaching from Karen T

It’s a Wonderful Time of The Year!







Dr. Karen Mathew (View Bio)

Coaching from Karen M

What Women Should Know About Heart Disease






Janice Williams (View Bio)

Coaching from Janice

Eating to Live? Try a Smoothie



DeShay2Deshay M. Scandrick (View Bio)

Coaching from Deshay

What Do You Know About Diabetes?