Savvy Hangouts

What is Savvy Health Coaching Hangout?

The vision for Savvy Health Coaching Hangout is to have an individual or team of experts address the topic of the day while turning the Hangout into a live video call with up to 10 friends from my computer and each individual computer. Topics will include; menopause, weight loss, Bio-medical hormone replacement, hair loss, juicing,  women and heart disease and more.

We’re using Google+ Hangout because of the following:

  • We are able to have conversations across devices
  • Able to scroll back through past Hangouts to re-visit what we talked about
  • Share photos
  • Share notes created by a participant or speaker.
  • Share slides

Also, we can go live in front of a global audience directly from our computer in only a few clicks. I can stream a conference keynote, host a worldwide meeting or moderate a panel discussion with international experts. This is referred to as Hangout on  the air.

Once our Hangout On Air is over, the recording will be publicly available on Google+ and on YouTube channel, ready to be shared.

The Hangout schedule and topic will be published on the Events page.