Yes, Real Women Conference III – Reinventing You
Dayton, Ohio
May 16th, 2014

On July 12, 2014, the third annual Yes, Real Women Conference, “Reinventing You” will be held in Dayton, Ohio at Miami Jacobs College. Many women get to a stage in their life where they are looking to change their path or they simply want to experience something new and they don’t know where to begin. This conference will give them an opportunity to learn how to rebrand themselves from the inside-out and reinvent their finances so they have the financial support to change their path and a fund to live off of in the future. Lastly, they will record their vision in an interactive method so when they walk away from this conference they will know visually what their dream is and how they will get there. They can then post it at home or work to serve as a daily reminder of that dream for those moments when they are discouraged.

Linda J Hawkins, the Founder of Savvy Health Coaching and author of the books, “Yes, Real Women Do Sweat: Straight Talk about Menopause” and “Yes, Real Women Have Hot Flashes:10 Hot Solutions to Cool Down Naturally”, will be hosting the Yes, Real Women Conference. According to Linda, women need guidance and sometimes an extra nudge to help them move in the right direction and this conference is going to give them the tools to not only do that, but take their visions to the next level. Linda states; “It is time to celebrate turning pages of your life to the next chapter”.

Topics will include “Celebrating Menopause” by Linda J Hawkins, “A brand new you, inside and out” by Linda Lee Rahn, “Reinvent your finances, manage your wealth” by Jennifer Siefring and “Vision Board – Conceive it, Believe it, Receive it” by Janice Williams.

Linda has received several positive testimonies from her previous conferences and has been encouraged with moving forward with the conference this year. Women continue to say she is motivating and encouraging and they learn from her event each year they attend.

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