A few years ago while attempting to locate information about menopausal solutions, I came across several products online that claimed to help women deal with night sweats. The first one was the bed fan. This fan goes under the sheet and blows on you to keep your body temperature down. But the product that I was most fascinated with was created from Wicking fabric produced by a company called Cool-jams.

According to the website, Cool-jams’ fabric wicks and dries 3-4 times faster than cotton or poly/cotton. Unlike other wicking fabrics, the wicking ability of Cool-jams is scientifically woven into the fabric, so the wick never washes out.

What is Wicking fabric you may ask? Well Wicking fabric has advanced evaporation and thermo-regulation properties, which helps to reduce the body’s temperature and this feature translates to a cool comfortable sleep regardless of how warm a person gets. When you’re hot, Cool-jams help to cool and balance your body temperature. Moreover when you’re cold, their sleepwear still keeps you comfortable.

This fabric pulls any moisture away from the skin then evaporates quickly, translating to cool, dry comfort. Additionally, the antibacterial component of their wicking fabric helps to keep yhst-76338569084812_2289_19161601their sleepwear fresh and odor free.

Since I have been sleeping in the Cool-jams sleepwear, it has been difficult to switch back to my other sleepwear. The fabric is tremendously soft and comfortable next to my skin and I even noticed when I started perspiring around my chest area how quickly it dried up. Interestingly enough, I like many of you have often purchased sleepwear that is either made of cotton or poly-blend. But now I know that cotton fabrics are relatively absorbent, and keep the moisture next to the skin seeing that cotton dries slowly keeping you wet and uncomfortable. Polyester fabrics are not absorbent, thus keeping you hot and sticky. Cool-jams also carry Bedding products-Outlast® technology which regulates temperature through proactive heat and moisture management.

While using a bed fan to stay cool and wearing wicking sleepwear to stay dry are two great tips to handle night sweats there is one more item you need to consider and that is the temperature in your bedroom. So my final tip is to keep the temperature low when sleeping. My Family Physician once told me that everyone should turn their thermometer down at night to about 65 degrees. But as a menopausal women you should even consider 63 degrees.

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