When someone says you have “heart”– three things come to mind:

  • To be in love, the “valentine’s-shaped heart that we make”, which represents love for our family, significant other, food or even our job.
  •  Attempting something even though you may be unskilled, under experienced.  Like the underdog, Rocky, who fought the heavyweight champion in all of his movies. Even though he was definitely the underdog he did is best. He had heart.
  • Lastly, the organ in your body that pumps blood over 12000 miles a day through your body to keep you alive. Listen to the heart.

When I was growing up my Grandpa “Is your Heart beating?” I always answered “Yes Grandpa my heart is beating.” Back then I didn’t realize how  profound that question was. Now I understand what the alternative is.

Just a few facts from American Heart Association:

  • Heart Disease or Cardio Vascular Disease is number one leading cause of deaths for women
  • One women every minute has a fatal heart attack
  • Women are three times more likely to have fatal heart attack than men
  • It is  number one leading cause of death for both men and women
  • 50% of Americans have three of the following risk factors…..
  • PreDiabetes/Diabetes,Obesity,High Blood Pressure, Smoking, Low physical activity and poor eating habits

I challenge you to make a pledge to keep your heart beating in your chest,  which keeps you alive and well, by making one major change….If you are unable to achieve it alone, no sweat, seek help.  Your heart may depend on it.

So, if someone ask you is your heart beating you can proudly say, ”Yes it is!”

And then explain strongly and boldly what you are doing to make sure it continues beating.

Linda J. Hawkins, Savvy Health Coaching, LLC

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