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After receiving her Masters in Guidance and Counseling and her certification in Lifestyle and Weight Management Coaching in 2004, Linda embarked upon her public speaking career. Linda is an author of several books and a speaker on topics she is passionate about; i.e. Women’s health and wellness. Her passion about healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, weight loss,  and menopause exudes during her presentations and she connects with her audience because of her life experiences on each her topics.

Linda J. Hawkins, CEO and Founder of Savvy Health Coaching and SHC2  offers healthy, life balance training sessions for employees and CEO’s who have the desire to build a healthy, happy workforce or environment while improving the bottom-line. Sessions address healthy behaviors, practices, and tools purposed to change the culture from top to bottom beginning with the CEO.  The sessions include healthy cooking demos, healthy living practices while at work, techniques for  stress relief, how to eat like a champion, enjoying your job, plus the importance of creating a friendly work environment, as well as how to take advantage of health insurance or employer incentive rewards.

Her material is presented through story telling, powerpoint, demonstrations, and engaging techniques in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, educate and/or entertain the listeners.

A fraction of Savvy Health Coaching SHC2’s past  clients :

  • Premier Health
  • Montgomery County Foster Parent
  • Sinclair Community College
  • Dayton Metropolitan Library
  • Dayton churches
  • Agape for  Youth Inc
  • Vic Cassano Medical Center
  • PACE
  • Sister to Sister Women’s Conference

Sample Topic Descriptions

1.      Eat to live don’t live to eat

2.      Menopause 101-Is it hot in here or is it me?

3.      Changing your lifestyle while losing weight and making a transformation

4.      Corporate healthy life and work balance training:


Corporate topics:

Understanding foods that affect your mood

Remove stress from the Driver’s seat

Taking your daily W.A.L.K. while at work

Take control of your health

It’s not madness its mindfulness based stress reduction

How to create healthy champions at work

7 Top unhealthy work habits and ways to break them

Breaking the desk potato syndrome

Avoiding the Freshmen 15

Being a happier employee on the job


***Other subjects are available upon request. The majority of the presentations are focused on women’s health, but men are always welcome.  To learn more about Linda, “Like” Savvy Health Coaching on Facebook.

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