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Savvy Health Coaching originated over 13 years ago when it became apparent that women needed assistance maneuvering through their personal journeys, particularly their weight loss journeys.

Consequently, my intent is to educate, encourage, edify, empower and coach women through those issues that affect the mind, body and soul, now in the direction of mental health and emotional development, stages of aging, physical wellness, including weight management and spiritual growth.

Savvy Health Coaching promotes creating or finding a woman’s best self as she travels through the 4 seasons of life or as she reinvents herself by taking necessary steps needed to emerge after a long winter from the cocoon to a beautiful butterfly.

Lastly Savvy Health Coaching is the source that birthed:

  1. Several Straight Talk books, such as; Yes, Real Women Do Sweat: Straight Talk About Menopause Guide Book, Yes, Real Women Have Hot flashes: 10 “Hot” solutions to cool down naturally and Yes, Real Women Lose Weight: Drop Pounds Forever with the B.A.S.I.C.S.” and Yes, Real Women Have Killer Abs: 50 Floorless Exercises
  2. Savvy Sister Circle support group
  3. Yes Real Women Conferences
  4. Ladies Night Out-Dine,Drink,Dance to Healthy Heart



  • According to the online dictionary is; knowing a lot about something and able to make good judgments about it/ability to understand people and situations. The ability to understand and judge people and situations well.


  • I am defining as ones well being – This means to be in a good healthy or comfortable state whether it is mental, physical or spiritual.


  • An action or tool used to train or guide a person along.

So ultimately Savvy Health Coaching, with its 13 years of experience and knowledge is designed to guide people through proven steps to achieve health and well being.

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