Did you know that 44 million women suffer from heart disease every year and one women suffer a heart attack every 80 seconds. Women time to be heart smart,it could save your life.

What is Heart Smart? This is a term that we encounter a lot these days as we read articles, blogs, magazines and books written by experts and or enthusiast who are  trying to get us to practice a healthier lifestyle to result in a healthy heart.  Just like many others, I  also am going to encourage you to be heart smart as I  provide you with what I have determined to be my 5 top suggestions on how to make that happen.


  1. Eat a healthy  daily diet: There are many healthy diets out there but one of the  most popular and proven heart  healthy diet is the Mediterranean diet.  This is primarily plant based foods such as; fruits, vegetables,whole  grains(i.e. pasta and rice), legumes and nuts. Use olive oil, seeds, some breads and herbs and spices. Meats are included but the focus is on lean fish, seafood and chicken.
  2. Practice a healthy lifestyle-There are some behaviors that we engage in daily that are not good for us, such as; drinking excessively, smoking, eating fried foods and more. Live a life of habits that will reward your body, instead of destroying it. Imagine yourself living to  be 100 years old, what condition would you like to be in?What quality of life would you like to live? Once you answer that determine  the best way you can stay healthy long-term.
  3. Lead a caffeine free diet:There is very little scientific proof that caffeine affects the heart negatively but doctors recommend that we keep our caffeine intake to a minimum. Just recently a child died as a result of consuming large quantities of  beverages that consisted of caffeine. If they are that powerful and can  harm a child I know I do not want it in my body.
  4. Stress management: Create a healthy system  that allows you to relieve stress when you are overwhelmed. I do mindfulness meditation, I get massages and I read in a quiet place when I need to decompress. When you feel stressed and overwhelmed stop what you are doing and breath   and immediately get into stress management mode.
  5. Exercise-If you want a strong heart you must exercise. If you enjoy being outdoors take nature walks and enjoy the beauty of nature. Or go to a gym, hire a trainer. If you love sports join an intramural team. To create a healthy heart, exercise at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes each day. Your heart will thank  you for it.

So these are my suggestions to be heart smart.  It is about being smart about your choices because the choices you make today will manifest themselves in you tomorrow.

Be join us for a heart healthy event June 9th at Wright Dunbar Conference Center. Savvy Health Coaching presents Ladies Night Out/Dine-Drink-Dance to a Healthy Heart.


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