There are several great quotes which inspire us to be healthy such as; “Love yourself enough to create a healthy lifestyle”, author unknown or “Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value  until we lose it” by Josh Billings, even  “Take care of your body it is the only place you have to live” by Jim Rohn. Each quote emphasizes or enforces the importance of putting yourself first and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

As a result I looked at several different ways to become healthier but if you are like most people you are interested in what are the easiest ways to create a healthy lifestyle.

So with great deliberation I was able to come up with my top  5 easy ways to create your healthy lifestyle.

  1. Eat foods that fuel not fill the body. When selecting foods, choose those that are full of nutritional value. These foods are for the most part going to also be low in calorie count. Remember you do not  want to eat foods that are just empty calories. This means select fruits and vegetables that are filled with vitamins and minerals and provide health benefits and fewer calories.
  2. Get outside daily and do some form of exercising. Some of you hold paid memberships at gyms, spas, aerobic centers or even personal trainers. I am obviously not talking to you. Instead I am trying to reach the individual who has none of those things for various reasons but also needs to be healthy. This individual only needs to put on a pair of workout shoes and go out for a walk, bike riding, for a hike or jog. The fresh air and the cardio will do you a world of good.
  3. When shopping at the grocery store, remember to select foods housed in the outer perimeter of the store, such as produce, grains, i.e. breads, fresh meats, dairy and of course find the water. That practice  provides you with your fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, protein, grains and water. With good planning you will have all necessary ingredients for cooking, juicing or smoothies. This method is easier because not only is it time saving but it also saves money.
  4. Decrease your sugar intake. I must admit that this may not seem easy but with a system you can achieve this one. This process begins with awareness. Read labels so you understand how much sugar you consume in a day. For example if you drink a can of soda and it has 45 grams of sugar, then you are consuming 10 tsp of sugar. What if you had one at  lunch and one for dinner. That equals 20 tsp of sugar. If you are a visual person take an empty cup and pour 20 tsp in it and you will the volume of what I am saying. Just make a serious attempt to remove foods or beverages from your diet if it has a high sugar content.
  5. Meditate daily – I have become a student of mindfulness and meditation and have been educated on how meditation immensely improves your health both physically and mentally.

Linda J. Hawkins, Savvy Health Coaching, LLC

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